Custom Artwork on Canvas shoes

2013-09-01 19:07:42 by AniToons

My company has taken a turn for the better and I solely focus on and provide a service for personalising shoes to your required tastes. Take a look at my website and order a pair today.

Newest addition to the store!

2013-06-25 15:52:31 by AniToons

Check out my latest piece ready for print in the store. It's the second commission in the store; and if you like it add it to your cart :)

Was fun making this today and hope you all enjoy,

Any questions send them to

The special offer on digital commissions prints now includes free shipping! Please spread the word and help me get my website known! Thanks everyone, love you all!

I have just opened a new website where I will be taking custom orders for art commissions. These commissions come in 2 formats so far. There is the first, digital download where I can design you a piece and distribute it to you upon completion to do as you wish with. Secondly, there is poster prints. I have various sizes in which you can choose from and your commission will be printed upon completion and sent to you soon after with recorded delivery.

Right now I have a special offer on digital paintings which ends July 31st! Head on over to my site and check out what I have. Then head on over to the store and fill out an order for your very own commission piece!

I am happy to draw just about anything and will regularly notify you on the commissions progress.

Thanks, AniToons!

Website up and running!

2013-06-21 10:12:46 by AniToons

My new site is up and running and is now able to take orders.

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY i am having a sale on a "Full Digital Painting" check out the Store tab for more details!


2013-06-15 17:23:18 by AniToons

Hi everyone! As you might already know I have been speaking of holding a competition for the chance to win a FREE Digital Painting, well with this poster I am officially starting it. There will also be runners up prizes for 2 lucky people!


1st winner: One FREE digital Portrait (Like the centered image)
2nd & 3rd runners up: One digital sketched Portrait each.

Rules to enter are simple!

-Like my page if you haven't already.
-Share this picture in your profile! (please be sure to make public the post, so I can see it!)

To those participating in the competition, I will assign a number (in order of liking the page).
The Competition will end on the 17th of JULY! After this date I will select 3 random numbers with

The first number to be selected will win a colour Digital Portrait (like the one in the centre of the image)
And the runners up will receive a digital sketch portrait of themselves.

Simple, isn't it? So start liking and sharing and good luck!!

First commission

2013-06-09 17:13:24 by AniToons

I am absolutely ecstatic right now! I have received my first commissions today and am collecting the money in the morning. Very excited about this, going to give it my all and create the best paintings I can! What a day!


2013-06-09 14:35:26 by AniToons

Hey, feel free to visit my Facebook page! When I get to 250 likes any one who has liked and shared the page will automatically be entered into the prize draw for the chance to win a free commission. I am trying to make some money over the summer and gain some interest in my page, Liking and sharing would mean the world to me. Feel free to drop me a message for any commission requests or queries at

Thanks guys, here's the link below!